Photo Shoot Checklist For Men

I’ve created this checklist to help you prepare beforehand so you’re stress free and good to go the day of the shoot.


• solid colors; avoid loud patterns and bright colors
• clothing should be well pressed and wrinkle free
• match belt with shoes


• watch, and/or bracelet; avoid large clunky jewelry
• no hats / caps; avoid hiding a balding head
• no sunglasses; people want to see your eyes


• fresh haircut / shaved head
• clean shaven / 5 o’clock shadow / tapered beard
• no unibrow

The objective is to show you as confident, friendly and approachable. In addition, your look is an extension of your personality and that you take pride in your appearance. Finally, get a good night sleep the day before the shoot. Relax, have fun and enjoy the experience!

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